Rethink Reality - 8



Saying upstream and midstream projects are complicated is an understatement. Every day brings
a new set of challenges, and we make it our job to provide you with strategies and solutions
before these challenges become problems. From engineering and environmental, to permitting,
surveying, and safety, we focus on innovation and smart concepts that save you time, help
manage your AFE, and drive down your LOE.
For one client working simultaneously on projects in four counties, we incorporated the details of
their operations into a synchronized program they could repeat over and over again. We made data
for 1,000 miles of temporary waterlines, 500 permits, 400 well pads, and 70 impoundments
readily available. You name it, and it was integrated for efficiency so we could anticipate and
adapt to demanding drilling and frac schedules. Not only that, but we used temporary waterlines
as a more economical approach that also minimized the environmental footprint. And RETTEW's
program accomplished this without a single adjustment to the client's schedule.

It's a real challenge to find workers who don't need to be micromanaged all
the time. When I can't keep in close contact, I can trust RETTEW to take care
of everything.
- Field Foreman, Chesapeake Energy Corporation


Rethink Reality

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