Rethink Reality - 9

We worked very closely with RETTEW for an energy study, and it became a friendship.
Their work is going to have national impact. We're very happy with that, as it is
creating opportunities for us to get resources. Besides just being a vendor, they gave
us a competitive edge.
-Brigadier General, Michigan Army National Guard Camp Grayling


Sometimes traditional methods just aren't enough. Especially when two-thirds of the
energy we use, on average, is lost before it gets to the user. You don't settle for inefficiency.
Neither do we.
When a valued client asked us to evaluate their proposed process for treating produced
water from oil and gas operations, we identified energy inefficiencies that actually
increased the amount of natural gas and electricity required to operate their system. So we
found a better way: combined heat and power. This method allows you to make your own
electricity, capture lost heat, turn it into steam, and send it back into the process. Talk about
an efficient energy management solution! But we didn't stop there. We managed the bid
process and negotiated a contract for a new 15,000 KW cogeneration unit. This innovation
will save $80 million over 20 years.


Rethink Reality

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